BLACK+DECKER Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

This Black+Decker Single Serve Coffee Maker review introduces you to the ideal coffee machine for someone in a hurry who’s always on the go.

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A compact little coffee machine that fits neatly onto any kitchen counter or small coffee bar, the BLACK+DECKER Single Serve comes with a travel mug.

And that, right there, is why it’s so popular with busy owners who must grab a cuppa before rushing off to work.

An added attraction is how affordably it is priced.

(Updated on 27th February, 2023)

TABLE OF CONTENTS – What’s In This Coffee Machine Review?

BLACK+DECKER Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

Our Rating: 4.6/5

A Barista's Daughter Rating 4.6

Special Features:

  • Convenient One-Touch operation
  • Removable filter basket
  • Permanent filter included
  • Comes with 16 oz travel mug
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Auto-shut off function


  • Quite compact, takes up very little space
  • Portable and lightweight
  • 16 oz travel mug is included
  • Single-touch operation is simple and fast
  • Removable filter basket is easy to clean
  • Auto-Off function saves hassle and energy
  • Brews at optimal temperature
  • Coffee is delicious and rich in flavor
  • Affordable price (plus you may enjoy discounts!)


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  • Filling the water reservoir is tricky due to a narrow mouth
  • Cannot pause brewing in the middle

Technical Specs

Type: Single Serve
Model: CM618
Color: Black

Capacity: 0.47 liters
Material: Plastic, Stainless steel
Filter type: Permanent

Weight: 2 lbs
Depth – 5.47 in
Width – 6.14 in
Height – 9.41 in

Wattage: 1000 W
Dishwasher safe: Yes

What’s In The Box?


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BLACK+DECKER Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

What’s So Special About A Single-Serve?

Espresso with crema

Well, the big benefit is that you can brew right in a big 16 oz travel mugand carry it along to sip on your way.

What’s more, you can set up the BLACK+DECKER Single Serve to turn itself off – so you won’t have to keep remembering to switch it off after brewing.

The BLACK+DECKER Single Serve coffee maker brews with coffee grounds and has a permanent filter – which saves you the cost and trouble of replacing paper filters.

You can also use soft coffee pods to make your drink, if that’s what you like.

A Space Saver

Single-serve coffee makers are usually smaller in size.

This means they’ll fit into smaller kitchens or cluttered up offices… even when it seems there’s no room for anything.

Your BLACK+DECKER Single Serve CM618 coffee maker won’t need much space. Even in small apartments or dorm rooms shared by many students, you could readily fit one in – and enjoy your caffeine-fix every morning.

This is a lightweight coffee machine that’s stowed away inside a cupboard, or left out on even tiny counters. It’s kind of remarkable it can fit in a big travel mug!

Another plus of having a tiny coffee maker is that you can carry it along on trips. Just as long as there’s an electrical power point, you can brew your cuppa.

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BLACK+DECKER Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

Ease of Use

The BLACK+DECKER Single Serve coffee maker couldn’t be simpler to use!

It doesn’t take any learning or practice to get it right. This truly is an ideal coffee maker for busy people who don’t have time or patience to figure out how complex machinery works.

Buy your favorite coffee grounds, or coffee pods. Load it in the machine, and the one-touch operation means you’ll just have to pick up your coffee mug once it’s done.

You don’t even have to bother switching it off – because of its Auto-Off function.

A removable filter and permanent basket further cut down on maintenance time and effort.

There’s nothing to set, tweak or adjust. The brewing temperature is pre-selected. It ensures that water is optimally heated for the best extraction of flavor from your coffee beans.

Right from the moment you brew your first cup of coffee on a BLACK+DECKER Single Serve, you’ll be hooked!


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Of course, a lot of research and innovation has gone into creating such a simple device.

And that’s precisely what is appreciated by hardworking folks like you – who only ask for a quick and easy way to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while they’re rushing off to do important stuff.

BLACK+DECKER Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

Clean Up & Maintenance

Now it would be quite a joke if a machine designed to be quick and easy to use needed extensive maintenance.

The BLACK+DECKER Single Serve coffee maker does not.

It’s a small machine with few parts that need cleaning. The filter basket and permanent filter can be removed. All are dishwasher friendly, which means you simply pop it in to your cleaner and push a button.

The only other thing you have to clean is… your travel mug!

BLACK+DECKER Single Serve Coffee Maker Review : FAQ

Can K-Cups be used with the BLACK+DECKER Single Serve?

Yes, it’s possible to use K-cups with this coffee machine, although you should dump its contents into the filter. You might also have to try out different brewing times to get the flavor right.

Cappuccino - When to drink one

How to clean the BLACK+DECKER Single Serve coffee maker?

Regularly cleaning your coffee machine ensures delicious tasting coffee. With the BLACK+DECKER Single Serve, this is easy and quick.

Remove the coffee basket, permanent filter and other components. Soak them in warm soapy water. After 15 minutes, rinse them out and dry. You can use a dishwasher to help do this.

Wiping the outside of the BLACK+DECKER Single Serve coffee maker with a damp cloth is enough to keep it clean.

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How to clean the inside of a BLACK+DECKER Single Serve coffee maker?

To descale your machine, once in 3 months or so, run a diluted vinegar solution through the internal workings. Rinse it thoroughly afterwards, and let it dry fully.

Stains may be removed using a soft brush.

How much coffee grounds to use for delicious coffee?

That varies based on your taste.

Two scoops per cup of water is a rough rule of thumb to start with. Try out combinations in the BLACK+DECKER Single Serve to see which tastes best.

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