Braun MultiServe Coffee Maker Review

The new Braun MultiServe Coffee Maker is one of the best coffee maker models on the market, and a great choice of single cup coffee maker. This Braun MultiServe Coffee Maker review goes deep into what makes it special.

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Pulling an all-nighter with a friend, that ended a 3-day sprint to complete a project report, I was stunned at the sight of our waste-basket. It was half-filled with used Keurig coffee maker pods.

In exchange for the speed and ease of push-button coffee making, we had just added to the world’s plastic burden. But honestly, what choice did we have. A drip coffee maker can brew a carafe of coffee like a boss, but isn’t quite useful when you want to whip up a single cup of coffee.

A Keurig coffee maker comes in handy there. Just top up the water reservoir, insert a plastic coffee pod, press the button and pick up a freshly brewed cup of java.

Quick. Clean. Effective.

And still, there’s all the plastic detritus that goes into landfills, poisoning the environment. Shouldn’t there be a better solution?

Well, now there is.

Braun MultiServe Coffee Maker Review

There’s a coffee machine that offers itself as a quick and convenient single cup coffee maker.

An Aeropress, pour over drip coffee maker or French press coffee machine are definitely viable options. But the new Braun coffee maker is in a class of its own when you want a hassle-free single cup of coffee – but don’t like the idea of cluttering up your kitchen counter with another coffee machine to make an entire pot.

The Braun MultiServe Coffee Maker is a great solution, being at once a fantastic 2-in-1 full pot AND single serve coffee machine. This is a conventional drip coffee maker that can deliver a large, steaming pot of fresh coffee just as easily as a hot single cup of your favorite brew.

And even if you’re a Java Ninja who can hypnotize your Keurig coffee machine into doing single cups as well, you’ll love the way the Braun multiserve coffee maker does it.

It’s Oh-so-easy To Use

The set up isn’t any different from your regular coffee machine, with a water reservoir, carafe and filter basket. You can choose between a paper or metal mesh filter. But the Braun MultiServe coffee maker has some unique advantages that you’ll quickly notice once you start using it.

Fill the Braun coffee maker with water, add grounds, and adjust the settings by choosing from 7 choices offered (all the way from a 5-ounce cup to a large pot), and…


You can now brew the exact amount you want, even if the reservoir has way more water.

Tiny things delight you as a Braun coffee machine user.

  • There’s a cup shelf dock that flips open so that you can place your mug on it while your coffee brews.
  • And a drip-stop lever lets you cut short the cycle and grab even a half-filled mug if you simply can’t wait – without turning your kitchen counter into a mini-pool of spilt coffee!

There’s a lot more to like about this Braun drip coffee maker.

What Else Is Great About This Braun Coffee Maker?

For one, it’s certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

How special is this?

Just look at all the Braun MultiServe coffee maker review reports. Well, only 30 coffee makers have ever received SCA Gold certification, so there’s certainly snob appeal to this rating.

If you relish going into the background of this process, you’ll appreciate how SCA considers things like brewing temperature and duration, and even pays attention to how clearly written the user manual is.

Only the best coffee maker models pay attention to these things; but interestingly, that’s exactly why this model is considered among the best coffee machines by any Braun MultiServe coffee maker review.

None of this would matter if the quality of coffee you can make with a Braun MultiServe coffee maker wasn’t awesome.

But no matter whether you evaluate this drip coffee maker by freshness and quality, brewing method or grind size, you’ll find little to complain here. It’s as close to perfection as you’ll get with a single cup coffee maker.

Over another five-day marathon where we unknowingly put the Braun MultiServe through its paces, each of us appreciated different aspects of the coffee machine design and functionality.

Braun Multiserve Coffee Maker review

Ease of Use & Clean Up

The removable reservoir makes it easier to clean. No more messy, less-than-entirely clean coffee making sessions for us.

The recommended brewing times and settings were spot on. At 198 to 205 degrees Farenheit (or 92 to 96 degrees Centigrade), it took 4 to 8 minutes to brew a delicious cuppa. In fact, when we reduced this by half a minute, it barely affected the coffee’s quality.

When using it as a single cup coffee maker, the flavor and taste were even better than with brewing a full pot… something almost incredible, that makes this possibly the best coffee maker for single cup use. Other drip coffee maker models don’t even come close!

Vary some things like coffee quantity or grind size and you’ll create some interesting flavors. For instance, press the drip-stop lever to let the grounds soak in hot water for longer and you’ll enjoy a stronger drink.

Braun MultiServe Coffee Maker Review : A Great Single-Serve Coffee Machine

You get a range of brew choices like Gold, Light and Bold. Experiment with them, and you may discover your favorite setting.

Oh, and unlike a Keurig coffee maker, there’s no pod to toss into the trash can!

So is this the unquestioned best coffee maker, the ideal choice for single cup coffee maker in 2021 and beyond?

Well, there are a few downsides to the Braun MultiServe coffee machine.

One is that it takes a bit of getting used to. Definitely not a model you’d want to leave for guests or visitors to use on their own.

Like almost any other K cup coffee maker, you’ll have to watch a bit closely in the beginning. That’s to make sure you’re getting the settings and timing right. So if you’re looking for the completely automatic ‘hit and forget‘ coffee machine, you may be a little disappointed.

Versatile and Programmable

And as with any coffee machine that offers many choices, there’s potential for making a mess. One of my absent-minded friends accidentally set the Braun coffee maker for a larger mug but placed a smaller cup on the dock. A few minutes later, he was scrambling to control the mess as coffee overflowed the cup and flooded all over the counter!

One other confusing feature is the measuring scoop that ships with the Braun drip coffee maker. The recommendation of a big scoop for a 5-ounce cup, or 4 big scoops for a 20-ounce jar, appear confusing. Especially when coupled with the suggestion to use 2 small scoops for an 8-ounce mug and 4 for a 16-ouncer.

Why not just throw in a darn digital scale? And offer users a simpler way to calculate how much coffee grounds to use?

But these are merely minor nuisances.

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Braun Multi-serve Coffee Maker review

A Coffee Machine To Fall In Love With!

There’s rich reward in store for anyone who takes the little time to understand the vagaries of the Braun MultiServe coffee machine. The single cup coffee maker lets you twiddle and tweak with settings. This way you can enjoy your cup of joe – exactly the way you love it.

If you’re willing to do that, you’ll love this coffee machine.

No K cup coffee maker on the market today comes close to this level of flexibility and quality. Are you likely to require a Keurig coffee maker that can handle both large and small amounts of coffee? Especially without leaving behind the plastic detritus of used pods to pollute the environment? If yes, then the Braun MultiServe drip coffee maker is a fabulous choice.

Will it eliminate the market for K cup coffee makers?

Is it really the best coffee maker?

Are Keurig coffee makers in danger from this new model drip coffee machine that can brew up a wicked single cup of java?

We can’t be sure. Not yet.

Where can you buy a Braun MultiServe Coffee Maker?

This single cup coffee maker is available directly from the Braun company, or from offline stores like Target, as well as from online retailers like Amazon.

What’s Great About The Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine?

As almost every Braun MultiServe coffee maker review confirms, it’s a top-rated single cup coffee maker. This machine can also brew a full pot.

And it’s one of the drip coffee makers that is justifiably proud of being certified by the exclusive Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Remember, this is the group that represents the highest quality and performance standards.

What’s Not So Hot About This Braun Coffee Maker?

It takes a wee bit more effort to learn how to use this Braun drip coffee maker. More than to use a Nespresso espresso machine or a Keurig coffee machine.

And a thermal carafe would be a nice alternative to the glass pot.

But hey, if you’re looking to buy yourself a nice single cup coffee machine (or even gift one to family or friends), take a good, close look at the Braun MultiServe coffee maker.

It’s one of the best coffee maker models in the market today. And this is sure to be the case for 2021 and beyond.

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