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What Is An Espresso – And How To Drink It?

Espresso, served in short strong shots, is an extremely concentrated version of coffee. It’s made by forcing hot water through finely ground coffee at pressure. Espresso is either drunk by itself, or used as the base in other coffee drinks. Its popularity stems from the rapid 30-second

Your Coffee Bar At Home

Wouldn’t you just love to have a coffee bar at home? A place devoted to your caffeine addiction – where you can enjoy yourself, and save money you’d otherwise waste at your local Starbucks? Sure, you could keep a Keurig coffee maker on a countertop and call

Know Your Coffee Beans

Any true coffee lover is on an unending hunt for the best coffee beans. And they are spoiled for choice! There are distinct types of beans, each with a unique flavor to lend specialness to a drink or dessert. Want to know your coffee beans? Well, you’re

What Is A Cappuccino – And How To Make a Cappuccino?

First, how to even pronounce the word ‘cappuccino‘? Here’s how: cap·puc·ci·no And it’s a coffee beverage you make of espresso and foamed milk. There. Now you know. Off you go! Still here? Maybe you’d like to know more about it – and how to make a delicious

Iced Caramel Macchiato Recipe : How To Make One At Home

An iced caramel macchiato is a sweet, delicious and creamy cold coffee drink that you can make right at home. An iced caramel macchiato is made of espresso shots, steamed milk and vanilla syrup, the concoction topped with a sweet, thick caramel sauce. It’s a perfectly balanced

What’s a Caramel Macchiato – And Why Does That Matter?

To understand what’s a caramel macchiato, you must first know what’s a macchiato! So what exactly is a caramel macchiato?   TABLE OF CONTENTS What is a Macchiato? A Brief History of the Macchiato Macchiato vs Latte or Cappuccino What’s a Caramel Macchiato? How To Make a

22 Types of Coffee – And What Makes Each One Special

Do you know who discovered coffee – or how many types of coffee there are? No? Well, nobody is quite sure! The history of a coffee bean can be linked to its origins in Ethiopia where a shepherd noticed his goats becoming hyperactive after they chewed on