Coffee Maker Girl

Hi, I’m Elena.

For ever since I can remember, though, folks have called me…

Coffee Maker Girl

Coffee Maker Girl

At first it was when I helped out my barista dad at the coffee shop. I’d stand by the coffee machine and hold out cups or write a customer’s name on one.

That’s how my fascination with coffee began. And I learned about espresso and cappuccino, light and dark roast coffee beans, or various styles of brewing.

But my mind is of mechanical bent. And soon I became more interested in coffee gear.

Like coffee makers and espresso machines. The French Press and Drip Brewer coffee machines. So at work I’m now called…

Coffee Maker Girl.

I’ve enjoyed trying out new models of coffee makers and spend hours learning about them, comparing one brand with another, studying coffee machine reviews, and even sharing some of my own thoughts about the best coffee makers available today.

Launching this website was almost a natural extension.

On ‘A Barista’s Daughter¬†you’ll find coffee maker reviews to help guide you to discover the best coffee maker brands and models to suit your needs.

I hope you’ll come back often to check out the newest coffee maker reviews.

And if you’d like to learn about a particular coffee machine or any of the brands or models of coffee makers not yet featured on the site, please leave a comment.