Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker Review

In this Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop review we examine the king of pod-free coffee makers.

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The Hamilton Beach Scoop coffee maker brews 14 ounce single servings for anyone who needs a quick cup to grab before hurrying off to work.

(Updated on 27th January, 2023)

TABLE OF CONTENTS – What’s In This Coffee Machine Review?

Hamilton Beach ‘The Scoop‘ Review – An Overview

The Scoop‘ coffeemaker is a single serve machine without a pod coffee function. And that’s rare enough to merit mention.

It’s the first automatic drip coffee maker that only works with ground coffee – and not with discs, capsules or pods.

The Hamilton Beach ‘Scoop’ can brew a maximum of 14 ounces of coffee in a single serve. So if you’re likely to drink up an entire carafe by noon, you should look for another coffee machine.

Hamilton Beach ‘The Scoop’ Review

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Special Features:

  • Brew size: The Scoop coffee maker offers two brew sizes – an 8 oz regular cup that takes 90 seconds to prepare, or a larger 14 oz travel mug that takes 3 minutes.
  • Brew strength: Strength adjustment is also possible. You can switch between Bold and Regular brew settings.
  • Pod Free brewing: This Hamilton Beach single serve coffee maker works only with loose coffee, and does not accept pods or capsules.
  • Easy, hassle-Free operation: A coffee scoop doubles as a filter, simplifying the process significantly. Just scoop the coffee, put it in the brew head, press a button and you’re done.
  • Sturdy and Durable: The stainless steel machine uses very little plastic in its construction.
  • Adjustable spill tray: Ensures there are no messy spills.
  • Large reservoir: With a 40 oz capacity, you won’t have to keep refilling too often.

Our Rating: 4.6/5

A Barista's Daughter Rating 4.6


  • Pod-free brewing is environment-friendly
  • Minimal plastic
  • Innovative design with useful features
  • Sturdy and strong construction
  • Compact, fits into small spaces and kitchens
  • No need for paper filters or costly coffee pods
  • Adjustable drip tray fits multiple mug sizes
  • Easy operation, simple process
  • Convenient to clean after use
  • Scoop doubles as filter for easy measurement
  • Coffee strength adjustment possible
  • Quiet while brewing


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  • Water reservoir is fixed, making refilling inconvenient
  • Coffee is weaker than other single-serve machines
  • Spills more frequent, coffee sometimes spatters

Technical Specs

Manufacturer: Hamilton Beach
Category: Drip coffee maker
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Silver

Water reservoir: Non-removable
Capacity: 40 oz
Reusable coffee filter: Yes
Coffee pod compatible: No
Wattage: 1300 W
Warranty: 5 years

Weight: 5.1 lbs
Height: 8.7 in
Width: 8.4 in
Depth: 6.7 in

What’s In The Box

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop Review

Taste Test

One of the main accusations levelled at the Hamilton Beach single serve Scoop coffeemaker is that the coffee lacks flavor.

That’s a design flaw resulting from an inadequate extraction from coffee grounds.

The problem is handily solved by a simple trick. Use the back of a spoon to tamp the coffee grinds down in the scoop. This will ensure better extraction of flavor. Your coffee now tastes great!

A strong benefit of the Hamilton Beach single serve Scoop coffee machine is the ability to use any kind of coffee grinds, and in any sort of coffee-to-water ratio you prefer.

That way you’ll be able to enjoy your cuppa – to your own preference.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop Review


On several metrics of coffee making performance, the Hamilton Beach single serve Scoop coffee machine scores high.

Brew Strength

You have two options for brew strength – Bold and Regular.

For bold coffee, the machine dispenses water more slowly, leaving it in contact for longer with the coffee grinds for richer, stronger flavor.

Many users recommend always using the Bold setting. There’s a noticeable difference in the quality of your coffee, at little added cost or time.

Brewing Temperature

The Hamilton Beach single serve Scoop brews at temperatures of 192-203˚F which is optimal for extracting flavor from your coffee beans.

Brew Speed

Your coffee will be ready in just 2 minutes.

That’s pretty fast – and busy people in a hurry and no time to waste waiting will appreciate this aspect.

In fact, you’re better off using fine ground coffee so that there’s more surface area to contact the water during the short time of exposure. That way you’ll enjoy a full bodied beverage.

Water Reservoir

The Hamilton Beach Scoop‘s reservoir is inconveniently situated at the back of the coffee machine. There’s a flip-top lid which can be opened to refill the tank.

A stepped water gauge tells you how much volume is consumed for each size of brew.

Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker Review

Ease of Use

The Hamilton Beach single serve Scoop coffee maker is an easy to use machine.

All you have to do is:

  • scoop your coffee
  • place it into the brew head slot
  • press the ‘Start’ button
  • and off you go!

Unlike other more complex coffee makers that often face problems or breakdown frequently, the Hamilton Beach Scoop is more robust since it is simpler with fewer parts to go wrong.

No wonder the manufacturer is able to extend a 5 year warranty against flaws and faults.

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How To Use The Hamilton Beach Scoop

  1. Fill water in the reservoir, using the stepped markings to determine the right amount for your choice of brew size.
  2. After filling the water reservoir, plug in the machine.
  3. Scoop out coffee grounds into the mesh brew basket. Don’t add too much, or extraction won’t be good. Pop the top lid of the machine to do this.
  4. Place the filter back into its holder and shut the lid.
  5. Flip over the drip tray and snap it in place. This avoids coffee splashing around when you use a small cup.
  6. Select the appropriate brew button – Bold or Regular – to start the coffee maker.
  7. When the brewing is done, the Hamilton Beach single serve Scoop machine automatically switches off.

That’s it.

Your hot cup of delicious coffee is ready to drink!

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop Review


With a sleek look, nearly all stainless steel housing, and a modern, streamlined design, the Hamilton Beach single serve Scoop coffee maker looks great.

It’s compact, tall and handsome. You’ll love how it looks on your kitchen countertop or office shelf.

A stainless steel mesh filter doubles as a coffee scoop, making it quick and convenient to start brewing your daily coffee.

One of the nice design innovations is how the cup rest flips over to become an elevated platform upon which smaller cups can rest. This minimizes messy spills and avoids the need for cleaning up.


Speaking about cleaning up, it’s easy to take apart the Hamilton Beach single serve Scoop get to the parts that have to be cleaned of grime and used coffee grinds.

The exterior can be wiped using a damp cloth. The Scoop brew basket can be rinsed under running water to remove coffee grinds. Do this every day, though avoid detergent (it lends a soapy taste to your beverage).

Although the manufacturer recommends weekly cleaning for the filter, it’s best to do this daily to ensure a fresh, delicious tasting coffee.

All removable parts are dishwasher safe. Still, it is better to wash them by hand to reduce the damage inevitable with repeated machine cleaning.

A formal descaling and deep cleaning should be necessary only every month or two. There is no notification about this, so you should remember to do it on a schedule.

To run a descale cleanse, use a mixture of white vinegar and water. After it sits for half an hour, run a couple of brew cycles using plain water to wash away the residue.

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Hamilton Beach Single Serve ‘The Scoop’ Review

Price & Value

The Hamilton Beach single serve Scoop coffee maker is extremely affordable.

It costs only about a third of what even a low-end Keurig single-serve coffee maker will set you back. That’s unusual in the single serve drip coffee market.

While all the competing models are priced at around $100 or more, the Hamilton Beach Scoop is a great alternative for shoppers on a tight budget.

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What Are Alternatives to the Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Machine?

There are a few other single serve coffee makers you might consider if the Hamilton Scoop isn’t suitable.

For one, there’s the other coffee machine from the same manufacturer – the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serve Coffee Maker. This is a versatile machine that can make either a single cup or a batch of coffee in a carafe.

Other great single-serve coffee makers are the Keurig K Mini and Keurig K-Mini Plus. Both have unique features and advantages over the Hamilton Beach Scoop.

But most of these alternatives are also more expensive. And none of them work exclusively with non-pod or non-capsule coffee like the Scoop does.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop Review

Our Verdict

If you want a single serve coffee maker that’s quick to brew, easy to clean, simple to operate and elegant to look at, then the Hamilton Beach single serve Scoop is your ideal choice.

It’s a sleek and simple coffee maker with an innovative stainless steel that also serves as dose measure and filter basket.

The machine is easy to use. Scoop out your coffee, add it straight into the filter basket, press a button – and your coffee will be served within minutes!

The Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker combines ease and convenience with an affordable low price. And the icing on the cake is that it won’t waste coffee pods, but brew directly using coffee powder.

For all fans of consistently delicious coffee with the least hassle and time, you’ll agree that this is the best single serve coffee maker of all.

The Hamilton Beach Scoop won’t disappoint you.

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