How To Make The Perfect Iced Coffee Drinks?

Iced coffee is delicious, especially on a hot summer afternoon. You can choose between cold coffee, cold brew coffee and boozy iced coffee.

Iced Coffee

Wow, what a choice!

Let’s talk about all these cold coffee drinks.

How To Make Iced Coffee?

It’s easy. Just follow this simple iced coffee recipe!

Of course, there are many different ways to make ice-cold coffee. So learn as many of you can – so you can choose the perfect ice coffee for your mood!

Prep time: 5 minutes

Calories: 60 per serving


  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • 1 cup coffee
  • 2 tablespoons of cream or milk froth
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar or caramel/maple syrup


Take a tall glass and a long spoon. You’ve got to be able to reach the bottom!

Fill the glass with ice cubes. All the way to the rim. And if you’re a serious coffeeholic, make those ice cubes themselves from coffee!

Pour chilled or warm coffee into your glass of ice cubes.

According to your taste, add cream, milk, or milk foam to your drink.

You’ll enjoy the sight of the liquids mixing, to create intricate and lovely patterns through the glass! Grab a photo for your Instagram!

Throw in some sugar or sweetener. Or add syrup for flavor.

Stir up the concoction. This is where your long-handled spoon comes in handy.

Stick in a straw – and start drinking.

If you like to get fancy, you may use a shaker to mix it all up… like a non-alcoholic cocktail!

Iced Caramel Macchiato

Accessories To Make a Perfect Iced Coffee

  • Glass mugs or tall glasses
  • Long spoons
  • Ice cube trays
  • High quality coffee beans for your coffee (Lavazza dark roast tastes simply great!)
  • Right kind of ice – crushed, cubes, or larger blocks!
  • Sugar doesn’t dissolve in iced coffee – so make sugar syrup

Does Adding Ice To Coffee Make Iced Coffee?

Well, yes… you will get ice-cold coffee by simply popping a few ice cubes into your regular coffee.

However, as the ice dissolves in hot coffee, you’ll end up with a watered down version – that doesn’t taste quite as good.

So be sure to brew extra strong coffee. Use less water than you would normally.

Then allow the coffee to cool to room temperature. If you’re in a hurry, use a couple of ice cubes to quickly chill the coffee.

After it is no longer hot, transfer it to another glass full of ice cubes – and enjoy a delicious iced coffee drink.

You could make cool coffee even using instant coffee, in a similar manner. Just add a bit extra coffee powder at the start, to compensate for the dilution from melted ice cubes.

How To Make Iced Coffee In A Coffee Maker?

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe review

You can make ice-coffee using some brands and models of coffee machines.

A few Keurig coffee maker models have separate settings for making iced coffee and tea.

You can use this with K-cups to make cool coffee drinks. And serve them up with extra ice cubes!

How Does Cold Brew Differ From Iced Coffee?

You make cooled coffee from regular coffee that’s brewed in the usual manner and then allowed to cool, before serving over ice.

Cold brew, however, is made in a different way. Coffee grounds are steeped in water or milk at room temperature – without heating it at all.

It takes a longer time for cold brewing – typically 12 hours or more.

Specialty Iced Coffee Drinks

You can make interesting cold coffee drinks by adding other components like

  • vanilla or chocolate syrup
  • coconut or vanilla extract
  • almond, chocolate or coconut milk
  • condensed milk
  • cream or milk foam
  • Nutella
  • hazelnut or chocolate spread
  • spoonful of ice cream
  • fresh mint
  • even some alcohol!

Each combination lends a different taste and unique flavor to your iced coffee drinks.

  • Italian Ice Coffee is made using espresso.
  • Chilean Iced Coffee has spicy chiles for a unique flavor.
  • Sparkling Iced Espresso is prepared with syrup to sweeten the iced coffee, and sparkling water or soda for a tingle.
  • Mint Ice-Cold Coffee using mint intensifies the taste of your favorite cold drink.
  • Vietnamese Ice Coffee uses condensed milk for additional creamy sweetness.

Iced Coffee Recipes

Here are three delicious cold coffee recipes for mocha, caramel macchiato and iced vanilla lattes.

1. Iced Caramel Macchiato

The key to making the perfect ice-cold coffee caramel macchiato is preparing fresh caramel sauce – and layering espresso and milk over it.

Fill a cup with ice. Add caramel syrup. Then add milk. And finally pour espresso delicately over your milk.

How to make a caramel macchiato

2. Iced Vanilla Latte

This cold coffee drink is easy to make. Boil water and sugar to make a syrup, and add vanilla extract to it.

Start with a cup full of ice. Pour two espresso shots over it. Stir in a cup of milk. Add the vanilla syrup. And enjoy!

3. Iced Chocolate Mocha

Just like with a vanilla latte, make a syrup with water, sugar and a tablespoon of cocoa.

Take a cup of ice and pour in two espresso shots. Mix it with milk, and then layer it with chocolate syrup. Chocolate milk makes the drink richer.

Iced Caramel Macchiato

So there you have it.

How to make the perfect iced coffee.

Now go ahead and try out these iced coffee recipesand let us know how it goes!