Original Irish Coffee Recipe : How To Make Irish Coffee

Irish coffee combines coffee with Irish whiskey as well as whipped cream and brown sugar. It’s a delicious creamy treat to perk you up on a cool morning, or keep you going late into the night.

Irish coffee recipe

Who First Made Irish Coffee?

Any great concoction surely has many fathers – and that’s true of Irish coffee as well.

Joe Sheridan, an Irishman, is credited with inventing the Irish coffee in 1940 or thereabouts. A restaurant just out of Limerick, Ireland is reputed to be the location of his discovery.

And no, he didn’t simply spike his coffee with a shot of whiskey. Instead, he planned and prepared his novel drink with care – and today, look at what’s happened with the Irish coffee around the world!

There are coffee houses that proudly boast of serving the best Irish coffee. And all across the country, this simple yet delicious drink is a popular favorite.

Irish Coffee Recipe

It’s easy and will take you just 10 minutes to make.


  • freshly brewed hot black coffee – 1 cup (4 oz)
  • brown sugar – 1 tablespoon
  • Irish whiskey – 1.5 ounces
  • heavy whipped cream

Warm up a mug by rinsing it out with hot water.

The pour steaming hot coffee into the mug.

Add brown sugar to it and stir until it dissolves fully.

Blend in the Irish whiskey.

Top it all up with some whipped cream.

Serve your Irish coffee drink hot.

A typical Irish coffee has around 200 calories, 10 grams of fat, and a gram of protein.

How To Make Irish Coffee That’s Truly Superb?

Iced Caramel Macchiato

It all begins with brewing a delicious cup of coffee. The richer and stronger you make your beverage, the nicer will your Irish coffee taste.

Use a French press or pour over coffee maker and top quality freshly ground coffee beans. Roasted coffee is best.

Preheating your glass helps preserve heat for longer, and enhances the experience of sipping your Irish coffee.

Fresh whipped cream is better than spraying it out of a pressurized can or tube. Light and fluffy whipped cream adds that special something to your Irish coffee.

And nothing beats an Irish brand of whiskey like a Jameson. It is sweet and smooth with a tinge of spiciness to add a twist to the flavor. Also, it isn’t exorbitantly expensive.

Using a combination of both granulated sugar and brown sugar makes the taste of your Irish coffee even more exciting and novel.

Too much could make the drink cloying. But in the right proportion, it nicely brings out the whiskey’s sweetness. Avoid sugaring your whipped cream, though.

What’s Behind Irish Coffee’s Fame?

Irish coffee was brought to the United States by one of several travellers who enjoyed the drink in Ireland.

A San Francisco bartender is credited with embracing the idea, and even making a trip to learn from Sheridan the intricacies of preparing a fantastic Irish coffee.

It was only a matter of time before interest in it peaked. A combination of delicious coffee and Irish whiskey was clearly irresistible!

How Strong Should Irish Coffee Be?

Well, 80-proof whiskey is what’s recommended for use in making an Irish coffee.

That’s 9% alcohol by volume, which isn’t a lot – and why Irish coffee can keep you awake and alert.

If you’re not used to drinking caffeinated beverages at night, you could replace the regular coffee with a decaf brew instead.

Remember, the key to Irish coffee is sweetened coffee, Irish whiskey and whipped cream – not the caffeine boost it often provides.

What To Do If Your Cream Sinks?

A problem with Irish coffee is that the cream may not float on the surface!

If you’re making the drink with lightly whipped cream, dribble it slowly over a warm spoon onto the coffee. Take care not to break the liquid’s surface.

With some practice, you’ll be able to get a dollop to sit nicely on top of your cup!

Enjoy your Irish coffee even while it’s hot.

Irish Coffee Variants

Types of Coffee

You can tweak your Irish coffee to taste unique. Here are a few ideas:

  • Serve it cold, on ice. You may toss in some ice cubes, or mix in cold water.
  • Decaf coffee in your Irish coffee may be a good idea for late night treats.
  • Sprinkle nutmeg or cinnamon for a nice spicy flavor. Or add chocolate shavings to your mug.
  • Extra cream makes for a decadent delight. You could even use Bailey’s Irish cream instead of whiskey.
  • Alcohol-free Irish coffee seems like an anachronism – but it’s still a delicious drink. Nothing Irish about it, though!