KRUPS Simply Brew Review

KRUPS Simply Brew review examines a nifty, compact coffee machine that makes delicious coffee – and fits into even small spaces.

KRUPS Simply Brew Review
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KRUPS Simply Brew Review

The KRUPS Simply Brew 5-Cup coffee maker is a great choice to buy for a camper van, a tiny office, or a small kitchen.

And if you’re determined not to go the K-cup way, then even if a bigger coffee machine seems like too much, the KRUPS Simply Brew is a lovely solution. It’s easily the best small coffee maker!

(Updated 3rd April, 2023)

TABLE OF CONTENTS – What’s In This Coffee Machine Review?

KRUPS Simply Brew Review : Pros & Cons


  • Compact and small footprint
  • Fits even in small kitchens and countertops
  • Easy to use
  • Brews delicious tasty coffee
  • Filter is reusable
  • Attractively designed


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  • Hot plate has to be manually turned off

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: KRUPS
Model: Simply Brew 5-Cup
Category: Drip coffee maker
Material: Plastic
Wattage: 1500 W
Warranty: 2 years

Color: Black and Silver
Carafe: Glass, borosilicate
Water filter: non-removable
Capacity: 27.1 oz
Brew capacity: 5 cups (25 oz)
Coffee filter: reusable
Milk frother: not included

Weight: 2.8 lbs
Height – 10.1 in
Width – 8.1 in
Depth – 5.7 in

What’s In The Box?

KRUPS Simply Brew 5 Cup Coffee Maker : An Overview

KRUPS Simply Brew Review
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KRUPS Simply Brew Review

Combine a deliciously compact machine with the promise of tasty coffee whenever you like – and you get the KRUPS Simply Brew.

It has all the features that you’d want from a basic coffee maker, as well as a few extra special ones like a brew pause function.

The glass carafe and elegant stainless steel with black finish lend a touch of class to this coffee machine. It’s also easy to clean after use, and light enough to be portable for travel.

A minor drawback is that there’s no auto-off function, but the affordably low price more than makes up for this shortfall.

KRUPS Simply Brew Review

Special Features

Even if this is a budget coffee maker, the KRUPS Simply Brew has some unique aspects that set it apart from other competing brands and models in this space.

Compact Design:

Most KRUPS Simply Brew reviews highlight the space saving aspect of the coffee maker. For a drip coffee machine, this has a really tiny footprint.

You won’t have to worry about it fitting into small spaces. Be assured that it will.

Easy To Operate:

The KRUPS Simply Brew is beginner friendly. All you have to do is fill the water reservoir, add coffee grounds to the filter, and flip the button on.

Brewing begins, and your coffee is dispensed into a cup or mug.


A permanent filter avoids the need for messy replacement of paper filters. The cost is also lesser on an ongoing basis. And if the filter wears out over time, you can replace it with another gold tone filter.

If you wish, however, you could use disposable paper filters with this machine also.

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Glass Carafe:

A heat resistant glass carafe made of borosilicate comfortably holds 5 cups of brewed coffee. The hot plate keeps your coffee warm for a few hours.

Unlike some other models, this carafe has a drip-free spout. This avoids messy spills on your counter or table.

Water Reservoir:

The water tank on a KRUPS Simply Brew coffee maker is fixed and cannot be removed. To refill the tank, lift up the lid and pour water in before brewing.

A transparent window shows you the water level. You’ll know when it’s empty and time for a refill. Both the carafe and reservoir have a similar capacity – 5 cups.

Pause and Brew:

Busy users will appreciate how you can pause the brewing midway to draw a quick cup of coffee. You won’t have to wait until the entire cycle is done.

After a short pause, the KRUPS Simply Brew resumes brewing. So as long as you replace the carafe before that, there’s little chance of a spill.

A cup drawn earlier might taste a bit weaker than a fully brewed drink.

Hot Plate:

The KRUPS Simply Brew coffee maker will not shut off automatically.

The machine stays on and keeps your coffee warm. The hot plate keeps heating, which is wasteful of energy but has the benefit of enjoying hot coffee even later.


The KRUPS Simply Brew comes with a two year warranty against manufacturing faults. Customer support is also good and you’ll be able to find help with fixing any problems.

KRUPS Simply Brew Review
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KRUPS Simply Brew Review

KRUPS Simply Brew Review

Clean Up & Maintenance

It’s easy to clean the KRUPS Simply Brew after use. All components are dishwasher safe. However it is better to clean the glass carafe under a stream of running water to prevent accidental damage.

With a mild soap solution and warm water, you can rinse the coffee carafe, lid, filter basket and reservoir. Avoid using soap to clean the filter itself, as the flavor lingers in future brewing.

The external surface can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Descaling is necessary once in 2 or 3 months to remove minerals and other deposits. This extends the machine’s lifespan and ensures delicious coffee.

KRUPS Simply Brew Review

Alternatives to KRUPS Simply Brew Coffee Maker

There are a few other compact coffee makers that you might also consider, if the KRUPS Simply Brew isn’t right for you.

The Gevi 4-Cup Drip Coffee Maker looks similar, has one-touch brewing, and also auto-off functionality. It’s smaller, though, and can only brew 4 cups of coffee.

The Mr.Coffee 5 Cup Mini Brew coffee machine is another option. It however uses disposable filters only and is a lot less expensive than the KRUPS Simply Brew.

KRUPS Simply Brew Review

Our Verdict

The KRUPS Simply Brew coffee maker is compact, easy to use, has a reusable filter and attractive design.

A minor drawback is that the hot plate won’t shut off automatically, but this helps keep your coffee warm for longer.

If you’re looking for an affordable drip coffee maker that will fit even into tiny spaces and brew a delicious cup of coffee in small batches of 5 cups or less, then the KRUPS Simply Brew is a good choice.

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KRUPS Simply Brew Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the KRUPS 5 cup coffee maker very tall?

It’s a little taller than 10 inches. That’s small enough to comfortably fit under kitchen cabinets or in cramped office spaces.

Can I use a paper filter with a KRUPS Coffee Maker?

Yes, even though there’s a permanent filter included with the KRUPS Simply Brew coffee maker, you also have the option of using paper coffee filters.

But don’t use both because the water will overflow causing a messy spill!

Is it hard to make coffee in the KRUPS Simply Brew?

No, it’s easy. All you have to do is fill the tank with water, add coffee grounds into the filter, and press the button to begin brewing. In a short time, you’ll be enjoying a hot delicious cup of coffee.

Can instant coffee be used in the KRUPS 5 cup coffee maker?

You could, but it isn’t recommended. Coffee grinds extract the best flavor from a drip coffee technique.

How do you clean up after use?

After discarding used grounds, wash the filter. The external surfaces can be wiped down with a damp cloth. All removable parts are dishwasher safe, and can be cleaned in it, or under running water from a tap.

KRUPS Simply Brew Review
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KRUPS Simply Brew Review