Your Coffee Bar At Home

Coffee Bar At Home

Wouldn’t you just love to have a coffee bar at home?

A place devoted to your caffeine addiction – where you can enjoy yourself, and save money you’d otherwise waste at your local Starbucks?

Sure, you could keep a Keurig coffee maker on a countertop and call it a coffee station.

But how about doing it in a more exciting way?

The idea is to carve out some space at home which will be meant exclusively for… coffee!

If you’re a fan of that early morning shot of java and love the thought of a coffee bar at home, then here are some ideas and tips to make it happen.

Where To Place Your Coffee Bar

You have many options.

Your coffee bar could be in the pantry, or out in the open on a countertop.

You could make a coffee bar inside a closet, or even right in your dining room.

Your coffee bar can take advantage of open shelves, or even that niche by your fridge that could take a table.

It doesn’t take much space to create a coffee bar.

All you need is an area to keep mugs and coffee essentials. Whether this is integrated into your home’s design, or becomes a dedicated space for coffee… is your choice.


Coffee Bar On A Countertop

Let’s say you’ve decided to do this on a kitchen counter.

There are advantages to this choice.

For one, there’s easy access to water supply.

And spills can be quickly cleaned up.

All ingredients and devices (grinder, foamer, knives and flavoring) are ready at hand.

And you can tailor this space to fit your plans and needs.


Coffee Bar on a Countertop

Coffee Bar Inside a Kitchen Cabinet

Locating your bar within a tall cabinet is fine, especially if you own a single-serve coffee maker like the Keurig K-Mini.

With just a few tweaks, you can turn that dingy closet into a brightly lit coffee station.

Your coffee bar doesn’t have to fit any ‘rules’ or meet anyone else’s expectations.

Make it your personal design – and have fun doing it.

Mobile Coffee Bar – On a Cart

If you relish the idea of having a portable coffee bar on wheels, then a simple kitchen cart can unleash your creativity.

Spruce it up with cake stands and mugs, coffee powder stocks and other ingredients. You could even personalize your coffee bar with photos and artwork.

The big advantage with this approach is that you won’t disrupt work in your kitchen whenever you feel like a coffee.

Coffee Bar On a Shelf

A simple unused shelf can become the exciting site for a coffee zone – with glasses and bottles, mugs and magazines.

A neat, clean spot to make and enjoy your coffee by.

Tips To Design Your Coffee Bar

Here are some simple guidelines to make sure you have a nicely organized coffee making area at home.

1. Pick a favorite spot.

2. Stock it with all that you need to make coffee.

3. Aim to design it like a cafe, somewhere you like hanging out for a mid-morning or late afternoon cuppa.

4. Customize the coffee bar to your own preferences.

5. Ensure enough counter space to comfortably make coffee – without knocking something down!

6. Have storage space to hide away more unsightly items that you’ll still need from time to time for making coffee.

How Big Is a Coffee Bar?

At the minimum, a fair area to prepare your coffee should be at least two feet.

That will be enough to hold

  • a small set of your mugs,
  • a coffee maker,
  • an assortment of coffees,
  • extras like flavoring, sprinkles and syrups

If you’d like to sit there and sip on your drink, you’ll need room for a seat or sofa as well.

Essentials To Have In Your Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar Essentials

There are some things you absolutely need to have in your home coffee nook.

This includes coffee beans or pods, a grinder, a coffee machine, sugar and other add-ons.

Coffee Machine

Choosing the right coffee machine is always a matter of taste. There is no single ‘best coffee maker‘ – only the perfect coffee maker for your needs.

Check out our collection of coffee maker reviews at ‘A Barista’s Daughter‘ to help you decide.

Coffee Beans

The right kind of coffee beans for your preferred brew is also a matter of taste.

Stock up on the type of coffee and your favorite brands.

Make sure that what you buy is compatible with your coffee maker and delivers the zing you enjoy in your coffee.

Coffee Grinder

If you enjoy fresh home-brewed coffee, then it’s best to invest in a grinder so that you can be sure of a rich, aromatic beverage every time.

Having a grinder close to where you prepare coffee can avoid messy spills.

Coffee Cups or Mugs

You likely have a favorite cup or mug to sip from – and if you make different types of coffee, then likely an array of various glasses and cups to serve each.

Not only is this functional, but a variety of mugs can make your caffe bar appear lively and classy.

Mug hooks make for an attractive way to display your coffee mugs – and also access them to make yourself a drink.


Have enough spoons, serving trays and sugar handy in your coffee bar for when you’ll receive guests and serve them coffee too.

Keep linen to wipe, clean messes and dry empty glasses. Canisters may store sugar and coffee powder.

Personalize It

Put up coffee signs and posters.

Or display quotes, poems or your favorite celebrity photos. Look for coffee-related decor.

Tiny potted plants might fit nicely into your coffee zone.

Setting up a coffee bar at home can be an exciting initiative… and one that’s quite fun.

So let your creative juices flow – and make some magic happen!